Right Thinking: Using civil society to accomplish public objectives

Oklahoma City, OK — Legislators should pass Senate Bill 407, which will significantly expand the state’s successful Equal Opportunity Scholarship program. This program represents government at its best – it marshals private capital and institutions to help our children obtain the best possible education.


After ‘a living hell,’ teenage girl finds a new beginning

Oklahoma City, OK — “Because of my dad, I was constantly around gang members, affiliations, and illegal weapon, drug, and sex trafficking,” Hord told attendees at a Thursday meeting of the Oklahoma School Choice Coalition in Oklahoma City.


Point of View: Now is the time for innovation in public education

Oklahoma City, OK — It is extremely important that public education is a part of this conversation about innovation and modernization, because the shortcomings of today’s system are glaringly obvious and holding back our kids.


In north Tulsa, educators innovate to continue learning

Tulsa, OK — Due to coronavirus and concerns about students’ access to the Internet, Oklahoma public schools have been ordered to halt learning through at least April 6, a mandate that applies to all options, including online learning. But it’s full steam ahead for one private school serving working-class students in north Tulsa.


Point of View: Positive Tomorrows supports expanding tax credits for all schools

Oklahoma City, OK — Instead of trying to divide students and schools into winners and losers, we need to look at how we are going to educate all of our children. We are all in this together. Our city, state and overall society works best when every child has access to a quality education.


Setting the Record Straight on School Choice and Voucher Programs

All families should have the option to choose the school that works best for their own children, regardless of their backgrounds. Some families, like Neal’s, already have access to private schools. Private school choice programs allow the less fortunate to be able to access private schools as well.

Rob Sellers: Raising tax-credit cap benefits all students

Tulsa, OK — All children deserve an education that meets their specific needs and helps them reach their full potential.

As our state has increased its investment in schools — including raising teacher pay — we have also wisely created ways for our citizens and companies to get involved. The Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act authorizes tax credits for people who donate to private school scholarship funds and grants for public schools.

Scholarship program critics do about-face on tax credits

Oklahoma City, OK — According to research conducted by economists at Oklahoma City University, the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act produced $1.24 for every $1 in credits issued for private-school scholarships. In contrast, consultants hired by the state Incentive Evaluation Commission concluded that the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program produced just 13 cents for every $1 in rebates issued.

Tax Credit Scholarship opens Catholic education for future generations

Oklahoma City, OK — Roughly a decade ago, the Oklahoma Legislature created a solution – the Tax Credit Scholarship. With the TCS program, donors can give to a private scholarship fund and receive a state income tax credit as high as 75 percent. These private donations to the Tax Credit Scholarship are disbursed to participating private schools in the form of individual student scholarships.