FOR SB 407

Don’t Limit Our Kids

No child’s potential should be limited. Supporting scholarship and grant programs gets the state closer to ensuring all students at all schools have what they need to succeed.

It Just Makes Cents

According to a 2018 fiscal impact study, Oklahoma’s state budget saves $1.51 for every $1 of tax credit issued to donors under this program. Saving the state money while helping thousands of lower-income families afford the school which best suits their kids’ educational needs is a win-win.

Good for Oklahoma’s Kids

Passing SB 407 and increasing the tax credit cap on donations to SGOs and EIGOs helps all Oklahoma students, no matter their zip code or financial limitations.


Tell your legislators you support SB 407 to increase the cap on tax credit scholarships and help all Oklahoma children achieve their dreams.

Resources to Help

To elevate educational opportunities for Oklahoma students, we need your help. Please share the resources on this page with your friends and family, and use the information below when contacting your representatives about SB 407.